Every growing business has people problems.

We're here to help with yours.

HR can be tricky, but who can you count on for help?

How much did you spend last year calling your lawyers when you had an employee or HR issue? Did you avoid calling a lawyer because it seemed too small a question for them before you took action with an employee? Do you or your Office Manager wish you had someone to talk through HR or employee issues before deciding what to do about them? Are you a solo Office Manager or HR professional who just needs a second opinion or reassurance from time to time? 

The HR Help Desk has is a diverse group of highly experienced, business-savvy and friendly HR professionals dedicated to keeping you out of HR hot water. Subscribe and you'll receive:

*   Our weekly HR News Update Bulletin - keeping you up to date with frequently asked questions and HR news that you need to know

*   Up to 4 nagging HR questions a month answered by our HR professionals by phone or email

*   Online access to all the up-to-date standard forms you need to keep your people programs compliant

*   Discounts and first dibs on our webinars, and discounts on our most frequently purchased products

*   And the peace of mind you'll gain from having an HR professional on call

Additional hourly assistance is available at our standard rates if you exceed your monthly question quota or need more than just an answer - like custom forms, custom documents, recruiting, compensation reports and onsite services which are available at our standard hourly rates  - there's a long list of things to do when it comes to your people.

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Things that cost 500 times more than your subscription

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