Partner Programs

  • Are you an insurance broker that struggles to get HR advice for your clients?
  • Are you in charge of a trade association that is constantly seeking ways to provide value to your members?

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and our goal is to fill that need. Did you know we offer Partner Programs?  Entering into a Partner Program with us provides you with the following:

  • The ability to provide your clients or members with a 10% discount, unique to you, on our The HR Help Desk subscription price.
  • The HR Help Desk services provide a value add for your clients and members, and will often clear up some of the issues keeping you from being able to work effectively with them.
  • And, you absolve yourself of the heavy-duty liability of trying to provide HR services to clients and members since they engage directly with The HR Help Desk.

If you'd like to explore what our services can do for you, please send an email to, or call Belinda at 855.474.2836.